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Over the years I have made instruments for dozens of people. Here’s what a few of them have said. Due to privacy issues I have not included their full names, but where possible, I can put you in touch with owners of Burgin instruments if you want more details.


Unpacked the guitar today. I am thrilled with the guitar. Tuned it up to open G and it sounds sweet. Open D may be an even better option that I’ll fool with tomorrow. I have an old steel around that belonged to my Dad that I need to dig out….My spouse was also enthralled….she thought it was beautiful, marveled at the workmanship and the wood choices, as well. Going to be along learning curve to get my chops going but what a joy it will be to learn. Thanks for a beautiful piece of art. 

Just to let you know that I received the guitar last Saturday.  I was very pleased, it is a beautiful guitar, wonderful craftsmanship, great local materials and most of all of an outstanding sound.  I can only imagine how this will warm up with time. It was a pleasure working with you on this and I might say your business skills on this transaction were as good as your guitar!

David. Pennsylvania, US.

That has got to be the best looking bouzouki I have ever seen!!!!!!!, absolutely fantastic!! I love those long points on the body, the long elegant head and best still is that gorgeous long straight neck. I am going to really enjoy that fret board, and I really like the fret board extension too, really wonderful. You have done a lovely job on the rosette too, very tastefully done. I am stunned, it is incredible looking. Soundwise, she has had a fair workout and sounds fantastic. A crisp and clean tone, very easy to play and the intonation is spot on .It has real sparkle when playing fast jigs and reels and produces as powerful and very crisp tone on the Balkan numbers.

Shanghai bouzouki owner Kieron from China.

 I’m so grateful that I have one of your instruments, as it feels perfectly matched for the sounds I hear in my head and try to get out when I play..  It’s such an incredible guitar, it really is……and it’s like nothing I have played before. Definitely a whole new world. I have been working on some recordings over the past year, but now I want to go back and re-record them all with this guitar.

Bostonian Lloyd Thayer discusses his double neck weiss.

Got the guitar today and it’s as great as the first one. It sounds fantastic and I think it likes it in California. The humidity is about 50/50 so it likes it and is getting louder with more depth to each string each time I play it. Yours seem to take hard playing well. It sounds bigger and better in just about every way and it’s better to sound good and huge than pretty good. That’s why I ordered this guitar, because they sound better than anything I’ve ever played and it’s time to get bigger and better. Cool runnings and thanks for the guitar.

Weissenborn player David from Los Angeles.

It is without doubt the single most elegant, mellifluous instrument I have ever heard or seen. It is gorgeous! I have never seen a thing like it. You are quite a guitar maker and I can see why you’d be very pleased with it.

Weissenborn owner Gregory from New South Wales, Australia.

I’m absolutely in love with this instrument! I’d forgotten so much since the guitar show last summer, it looked way better than I was picturing it in my mind. First, the design and level of craftsmanshipare so beautiful-the Blackwood is just stunning, the way light plays off it. I really love the huge sound, thanks in part, I guess, to the large body. The low D is awesome. I can go on about the beauty and playability (like butter!), but mainly wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled to have one of your works of art.

Cittern owner Denis from Northern California.

Thank you so much…The guitar is beautiful. You are great at what you do. I love it. It feels amazing. I am a bit blown away though its like I have picked up a guitar for the first time….Thanks again Paddy. I will definitely keep in touch, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. You have been a great help. Everybody that has seen it loves IT!

Weissenborn owner Afshin from Tasmania.

It is wondrous Paddy, a beautiful piece of work. Every bit as spectacular as I expected. The wood is more rich in color than I remembered – in short, yours truly is ecstatic to own such an instrument. Thanks again for such a great instrument – you do brilliant work and I am well pleased.

Blackwood cittern owner Johnny from Texas.

I’ve been meaning to tell you how well it’s “played in “, and of the interest the instrument has created. Also it’s my own individual instrument, thanks to you….I don’t believe I would have got a better instrument anywhere in the world at that price.

Carved Maccaferri style mandolin player Alan from Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Paddy thank you, I am overwhelmed with the guitar. It is just too beautiful to describe. So subdued yet spectacular in its craftsmanship. Every piece of wood and paua is gorgeous…And the sound is more than I could have hoped for…I love the deep and mellow tone. I always aim for cello in my instruments and yours is no exception. It is a guitar that I will always treasure, the more so since I now know the luthier who made it. Gracias, muchos gracias. I hope one day our paths will cross.

Weissenborn owner Peter from Los Angeles.

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